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Thanksgiving Special- Get 15% Bonus For Your Recharge!

The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful tradition – a time to bring the family together to share a meal and give thanks for all the good in our lives. We at Pingo want to thank you for your continued business. And we want to help you reach out to your distant loved ones this Thanksgiving.

So we’re offering a 15% bonus on recharge of your Pingo account between 21st November and 26th November.

Please check your email account that you use to receive Pingo notifications to claim your extra 15% recharge bonus

This is a special one-time offer and it is for a limited time only, so take advantage on your recharge between November 21st & November 26th.

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving.

The Pingo Team

iBasis | 20 Second Avenue | Burlington | MA | 01803

** Please Note: This offer is not transferable and it will not work with any other account. Please allow up to 72 business hours for bonus to appear in your account. The offer is valid from November 21st to

November 26th 2012. 15% bonus will be applied to only 1 recharge. (For example $20 recharge will result in $23 with this offer) This bonus is available only 1 time. Offer expires November 26th 2012.